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industries served

Automotive industry

There are several key advantages to the use of aluminum in automotive manufacturing. With new efficiency standards looming, one way...

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Defense/law enforcement

The defense industry has long been an area of innovations in design and material use. It is a highly competitive industry that attracts some of...

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Battery/Capacitor industry

The battery industry is one of the fastest-developing industries in the world, with innovations happening constantly. Many of the advances...

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Electronics industry

The electronics industry benefits from aluminum parts due to the durability of aluminum and the effectiveness of the material when used for practical...

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Consumer Products

The consumer products industry benefits from Neuman Aluminium’s impact-extrusion expertise on a wide scale. We can manufacture extreme...

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specialty products

Aluminum packaging has seen a resurgence in the packaging industry in recent years, due in part to the many downsides of plastics. In addition to...

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The Neuman Aluminium Group produces the highest quality aluminum products at facilities that are strategically located across several continents, including North America. Neuman USA serves American companies by providing quality aluminum parts manufactured by impact extrusion.

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